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Italian Universities Nano-Electronics Team

The “Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per la Nanoelettronica” (Italian Universities Nano-Electronics Team, IUNET) is a non-profit Organization set up in year 2005 which aims to lead and coordinate the effort of the major Italian university teams in the field of silicon-based nanoelectronic device modelling and characterization. Current members of IUNET are the Universities of Bologna, Calabria, Ferrara, Modena e Reggio Emilia, Padova, Pisa, Roma “La Sapienza”, Udine, and the Politecnico di Milano. They offer renowned and complementary expertise in the fields of modelling, simulation, design, and characterization of CMOS-based nanometer-scale electronic devices.

IUNET brings in the project three third parties, namely the Universities of Bologna, Pisa and Udine with their expertise in the modelling of carrier transport in nanoscale FETs using a wide variety of methodologies, including both the semi-classical multi-subband Monte Carlo technique to solve the transport equations in semiconductors and oxides, and quantum-mechanical approaches based on the NEGF formalism to address current transport in ultra-short devices and DFT “ab- initio” calculations on fundamental graphene properties, such as band structure in the presence of defects.

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