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The GRADE Project


GRADE is a three-year STREP proposal focused on advanced RTD activities necessary to demonstrate the proof-of-concept of novel graphene-based electronic devices operating at terahertz (THz) frequencies.

We investigate two different concepts with specific advantages. Graphene field effect transistors (GFET) use graphene as a high-mobility transistor channel. Alternative “graphene base transistors” (GBT) are novel hot-electron devices that use graphene sandwiched between two insulating layers, each in turn covered  by a metal layer. 

Considering the unique high frequency characteristics of the GFET and the GBT, the consortium envisions innovative applications in communication, automotive, security and environmental monitoring. Low power wireless communication systems operating above 100Gbit/s or handheld portable THz sensor systems for detection of dangerous agents seem feasible with active devices operating in the THz regime. To be affordable for a broad range of consumers, THz devices must be scalable and integrated with silicon technology. GBTs and GFETs can fulfill this requirement.

The proposed research enables the demonstration and assessment of these novel device concepts for future THz systems, and prepares their transition to semiconductor manufacturing.

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